Rayalseema Development Trust

Rayalaseema Development Trust, popularly called RYDT, was founded by Vicente Ferrer (1920-2009) and Anne Ferrer in 1969 with Ananthapuramu district as its central headquarters.

Keeping in mind the importance of human resources in the sustainable development process, RYDT runs a Centre for Human Resource Development. 

By choosing the right type of training and participatory methodology and extending consultancy services, RYDT plays a strategic role in the development sector.

Employees experience, capacities and commitement constitute the core of any organization. It is essential to upgrade and systematize the knowledge and skills periodically in tune with the changing trends in the development and growth of the organization.

Capacity building through participatory training contributes to improving the quality of any organisationss employees and that holds the key to organizational growth and keeps it ready to face the challenges and move steadily towards its goal.

Capacity building involves a continuous process of value-added developmental training programs tailored to the needs and expectations of organizations both NPOs and CBOs and students, youth, volunteers and functionaries who play a crucial role in societal transformation and building a strong Nation.