Family Planning Centre

Complementing the efforts of government in controlling population through Family Planning Program

Family Planning Centre has been functioning since 1987.  It was started to conduct tubectomies upon the request from the district authorities to complement the efforts of the government in implementing Population Control Program which is part of Family Welfare Department.  For many years tubectomies were done for the married women mostly in the age group of 20 to 45 years.

When the family planning centre was started people for various reasons were not adopting family planning measures. There was fear for surgery and myths about post operation.  Women had no say in deciding the size of her family and she had to obey the instructions from her husband and in-laws.

During the year 2000 Laparoscopic procedure (Double puncture) was introduced and one of the government doctors who was trained in conducting laparoscopic procedure extended support to RYDT.  Unlike in the conventional tubectomy method in the double puncture laparoscopy, mothers can back home the same day instead of staying for a week.

There is also a positive response from mothers and their attendants for this surgery that enables mothers to get discharged the same day. They are provided required medicine and counselling at the time of discharge.   Other highlights of the centre are: equipped operation theatre, qualified nurses, provision for lab investigations, giving government incentive of Rs.600 on the same day, hygiene both inside the wards and campus, conduction of 2 camps a week i.e. 8 camps in a month etc.,

More than 73,000 Tubectomies were done at FP Centre in a span of 25 years which is really a land mark achievement by any rural based NGO in Andhra Pradesh.  The FP Centre has won many awards from the ministry of health and family welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of India.  Women are motivated both by the government health staff and health organizers of RDT to undergo family planning operation at FP Centre.