Our Mission and Vision

Mission of Rayalaseema Development Trust
  • To transform the present conditions of people struggling with poverty and suffering into more self-reliant and self-supporting communities living in better peace and harmony with one another.
  • To transform the semi-desert land so that it becomes capable of sustaining its people.
  • To build a dynamic and creative organization that always strives to participate in all development efforts, with the characteristics of being spiritual in its motivation; based on knowledge and skills; sharing the aspirations and struggles of the people, being permanent in time but adapting itself to the changing needs of people.
  • To sensitize the general public about the living conditions of rural and urban poor and to promote a more caring society.
Vision of Rayalaseema Development Trust
  • All persons belonging to poor and oppressed communities living with Justice, dignity and socio-economic equality and for all people to live in peace and harmony with one another.
  • People and nature living in harmony with each other, in a land capable of sustaining its population.