Professional School

Youngsters from marginalized rural communities with higher, professional and technical education background have enhanced employment opportunities due to coaching for admission into government services being provided by Government and Professional school run by RYDT.

The professional school has been functioning since April 2012 in Ananthapuramu which is one of the districts where the educational institutions are not known to have good standards of education. Thousands of parents belonging to poor rural communities are struggling a lot to give their children a good education since there are no prospects for their children in agriculture.

However a majority of youngsters who pass out from the universities or technical colleges lack required skills to get good jobs that fetch a descent salary. Therefore RYDT started the professional school which trains youngsters in foreign languages namely Spanish, French and German along with basic skills in Computers and communication skills in English. It is one year residential course where intensive coaching is given by qualified and experienced volunteers who are specialised in respective foreign languages.

Professional SchoolFirst batch of 40 students comprised of only male and the second batch of 40 comprised of only female candidates successfully completed their training and of them 83 already got jobs in multi-national companies in cities like Bangalore fetching an average monthly salary ranging from Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000.

The third batch of 40 students which is exclusively comprised of boys will be completing their training in the second half of 2015. Interaction with 3rd batch students revealed their strong aspiration to learn a foreign language along with computers and communication skills that enhance their job prospects.