Rural youth and children will have more cohesion and live in harmony with one another overcoming discrimination and exclusion through sports and games which only contribute for their improved socio-educational development but also their job prospects

The main aim of true education is to develop an all round personality of the child.  It means education should result in the mental, moral and physical development of child.  It is sad that present system of education lays stress on the mental development beyond tolerance without bothering about either physical or moral development.

Children become dull when we insist them to read without any play even during play hours.  It is for this reason many schools and colleges which turn out millions of educated youths every year who bear the stamps of degrees but whose personalities remain totally dull and undeveloped.

Unless sports and games along with health education become part of the curriculum of studies of children, it is futile to expect mental, moral & physical development.

Ever since its inception in 2002, the ‘Sports Centre’ now emerging as ‘Anantapuramu Sports Academy (ASA) is one of the best venues having modern amenities and infrastructure and equipment base which are on par with national & international standards.

It has an extent of 32 acres of land located at the outskirts of Ananthapuramu Town adjacent to the National Highway.  It is 2 Km away from the Central Office.  It is surrounded by good vegetation with a natural stream flowing adjoining the Sports Centre.   As it is away from town it is freed from pollution & traffic disturbance.  The whole sports centre was covered with fencing to prevent entry of animals and strangers into the campus.  Some of the highlights of the Sports Academy include:

Infrastructure & Facilities:

  • It has two cricket grounds, one ground for football and one ground for hockey.
  • It has 400 mts. X 8 mts lane Athletic Track
  • It has 4 turf, 1 synthetic turf and 2 matting nets for the required practice sessions.
  • There is one Dormitory consisting of 16 rooms which accommodate 300 basic level age group competitors.
  • The Sports Centre has a fully equipped Gymnasium to cater the requirements of various athletes of different disciplines.
  • It has an exclusive Hockey Academy for boys and girls with an intake of 25 students each, football and cricket academy for boys.
  • There are two Education cum- Sports Coaching Centres functioning at Bhathalapalli and Athmakur where 326 comprised of 224 boys and 102 girls hailing from rural areas are getting trained in Football, hockey, cricket, Kabaddi and Kho Kho.
  • Nadal Education cum Sports Coaching Centre also exists in the same campus providing coaching to 172 children

A few highlights:

  • National Sports Day was celebrated on 31 August. Sports Centre which was hithero confined to those enrolled in academics or coaching centres became open to day scholars in six sports namely hockey, cricket, football, tennis, judo and softball.  Archery and shooting were demonstrated.  Promoting sports culture in society at large started in right earnest.
  • Rural Cricket tournament for boys and girls at area and central level was conducted. 360 boys’ teams and 84 girls’ teams took part in area level tournaments while 32 boys and32 girls teams competed at the central level tournament.  BK Samudram boys’ team and Bandlapalli girls’ teams won champions in the central competition.
  • Players trained by RDT represented Andhra Cricket Team. 2 played in U-23 Andhra Team followed by who played in U-19 Andhra Team and 6 played in U-16 Andhra Team.
  • 2 -Hockey academy students got selected for AGC Sports Academy while a student by name SRIRANGA secured job at PCTC Bangalore. One of the students of Hockey Academy got PRATHIBHA (Merit) award for his excellence in studies by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Pallavi, student of NADAL Education cum Tennis Coaching Centre won first singles title in the South India, AITA Tournament held in Ananthapuram in the month of August. She was also a semi-finalist in three AITA tournaments.  7 students from the centre took part in AITA tournaments.
  • Previous records were broken in Rural Athletics meet for girls. New meet records were created by Shakunthala in 100 metres race (14.43 seconds), Geetha in high jump (1.33 metres), Uma in shot put (7.68 metres) and by Punyasri in Javelin (27.15 metres).
  • In Judo 20 out of 24 gold medals were secured by Ananthapuram boys and girls teams who won state championship held in September at Tirupathi.
  • Ananthapuram district team won junior state championship in December. An international seminar on softball was conducted in sports centre in the month of September 2014.
  • Spain Special Olympics Committee made a special invitation to Athletes of Andhra Pradesh to take part in Invitation Tournament held in Barcelona, Spain, in 2014. 3 out of 4 athletes who represented Andhra Pradesh are from RDT and they got silver and a bronze medal in Badminton.
  • 13 special athletes with intellectual disability are trained by RDT to represent India in Los Angeles Summer Special Olympics.
  • There are 22 teams participated in Ananthapuramu football league for U-17 and U-15 during November 2014 while the academy children participated U-18 Bellary South Indian open football tournament and reached quarter-finals
  • A formation course was conducted for 40 football coaches from all over the Ananthapuramu district during November 2014